RAG n 03 (High Mitted Seal Bi-Colour)

DOB: 10.08.11
Sire: CHATANDOLLS Genji (Washington State University HCM -/-)
Dam: CHATANDOLLS Mitsu An (Washington State University HCM -/-)

Anmitsu has been nominated 10 times, Best In Show 8 times, Best Of Best 3 times and Best In Variety 6 times.



ELIAN Rags Cloud Nine

ELIAN Rags Peachy Pie

Elian Rags Roni Sue

RAG n 03 (High Mitted Seal Bicolour)

DOB: 26.08.17
Sire: N* Amasing Stars Zihr of Muffin
Dam:  CH RO* Mistoffolees Minerva

Parents tested HCM -/-

Elian Rags Cherry&Cream

RAG f 03 (High Mitted Seal Tortie Bicolour)

DOB: 02.04.18
Sire: GICH Elian Rags Tim Tam
Dam:  IL* Pawsnwhiskers Dollifins

Parents tested HCM -/-

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