Triple Ring Master, WPR GIC ELIAN Rags Sugar Plum, BB'15, NW'15 (FIFe JW) (TICA QGCA RW)

DOB: 24.12.09, RAG n 03 (Seal High Mitted Bi-Colour)
Sire: GIC ELIAN Rags Snoball JW
Dam: IC BORDEAUX Ltd. Just A Willow B
HCM -/- Washington State University

Show Results: Nominated 33 times, Best in Show 29 times, Best in Variety 8 times, Best of Best 16 times.  

DOB: 16.02.11, RAG a 04 (Blue Mitted Ragdoll)
Sire: GICH Elian Rags Snoball, JW
Dam: CH Chatandolls Daichi Mei, DM

WPR (FIFe EP EC) ELIAN Rags Dom Perignon, NW'15, CW'15  (FIFe JW DSM)

RAG n 03 (Seal High Mitted Bi-Colour)

DOB: 17.07.03
Dam: CH ELIAN Rags Daniellina

Perry had an amazing show carreer with 49 Best In Shows and countless Best of Best wins.  He can still go out there and beat them all as 2015 he became a National and Continental Winner as Veteran

HHP fs 03 (Silver Tortie Bi-Colour)

DOB: ?.08.14
The queen of the house, Strada was found one very hot summer day in the middle of the road, eyes still sealed shut so we estimate she was just 1-2 days old.  Brought home and never left since.


WCH ELIAN Rags Polly Waffle