Waiting for kittens in June

DOB: 20.07.16


Sire:  CH JCH Yoki Joy My Soul BB'15, NW,15

ELIAN Rags kittens expected!!

We have kittens!!   2 females available for show breed (the other 4 kittens are reserved)

We have one female available)

DOB:  16.03.18

Dam:  Chatandolls Anmitsu

Sire:  N* Amasing Stars Zihr Muffin

DOB:  02.04.18

Dam:  Il* Pawsnwhiskers Dollifins

Sire:  GECH JCH NW'14 Elian Rags Tim Tam

We have kittens!!  (2 males available, 1 male reserved, 1 female available as show breed)

We have kittens!!  (2 females available, 1 male available and 1 female on hold for evaluation)

DOB:  04.04.18

Dam:  Il* Pawsnwhiskers Dollifins

Sire:  N* Amasing Stars Zihr Muffin

We have kittens!!  (2 Munchkin females and 2 Munchkin males on hold for evaluation, 1 male reserved)

DOB:  30.03.18

Dam:  CH RO* Mistoffolees Minerva

Sire:  CH Little D Munchkin Alwin

DOB:  20.02.18

Dam:  Elian Rags Cloud 9

Sire:  Elian Rags Billy Boy Candy

If you want to adopt an older cat please visit 'Cats for Adoption'.  We currently have 3 females available.