Come for the Polish, Leave with a Shine

IC Elian Rags Bounty Bounty is a beautiful big boy.

A wonderful picture taken at the Bucharest Show, Autumn 2007, where Category II Best In Show belonged to the ragdolls.

IC Elian Rags Magic Star Magic Star is an International Champion living with Iwona and Darek in Poland. She has had beautiful kittens.

Elian Rags Bertie Basset This is Bertie Basset as a baby. Bertie is owned by Ioana in Romania. He is now an international premior!

Elian Rags Tizer. Tizer is happily living in Romania

Elian Rags Raspberry Ripple A very bored, very tired Raspberry Ripple. She is now living with Joyce in Israel.

Elian Rags Bubbilicious lives in Poland

Elian Rags Dodo Marshmallow and Elian Rags Bon Bon live in Bulgaria

Elian Rags Toffiffee lives in Bulgaria

Elian Rags Scrumptious lives in Italy with Donatella

Elian Rags Cranberry Delight lives in Romania

Elian Rags Honey Bun lives in Czech with Dasa and joins Ministre

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Elian Rags Milk Dud lives in Poland

Elian Rags Aero lives in Romania

Elian Rags Tapioca lives in Netherlands

Elian Rags Choc Silk Truffle

Elian Rags Ferroro Roche

Elian Rags Cola Dip

Elian Rags Marzipan Marzipan in his new home with Anca and Adrian.

Elian Rags Baby Ruth Baby Ruth is happily living with Ana and Mihai in Romania.

Elian Rags Cheerio Cheerio in his new home with Calin

Elian Rags Profiterol Profiterol sleeping in his favorite position in his new home with Liliana and Clara

Elian Rags Macaroon Macaroon now living with Andra. Andra tells me he has a sweet habit of leaping into her arms when she comes home!!

Elian Rags Marbled Treat

Elian Rags Turbo Turbo is enjoying his new home with Andra in Cluj. Andra sent me a photo of one of his favorite sleeping places!

Elian Rags Calipso

Elian Rags Dib Dab

Elian Rags Dib Dab again............

Elian Rags Mars Muffin.  Muffin is living in Hungary with Erika and is the judges sweetheart.

Elian Rags Magnum.  Magnum now lives with Sorina and is a happy boy

Elian Rags Snickers.   Snickers, one of my older cats, now living in Timisoara with Raluca.

Elian Rags Figgy Pudding Figgy in his new home with Hot Dog and Smeranda in Bucharest.

Figgy Pudding growing up..........

Elian Rags Twizzler living with Sorin in Bucharest

Elian Rags Kojak Kojak, happy in his home with Irina.

Elian Rags Holiday Wreath aka Hugo now happily living with Rodica

Elian Rags Whispaccino Wispa in his new home with Cristina

Elian Rags Coffeebeat lives with Anna in Denmark

Elian Rags Jam Pop Jam Pop owned by Natalia at a show in Donetsk Ukraine BIS neuter female

Elian Rags Jam Pop with Natalia.........

Elian Rags Jam Pop

Elian Rags Bani Barni now grown up in a loving home in Switzerland

Elian Rags Barni

Elian Rags Tart Tatine and living with Cristina in Bucharest

Elian Rags Caletti playing the drums in Mariana's home

Elian Rags Goodygumdrops Gumdrops in his new home playing with his new friend

Elian Rags Polly and Elian Rags Chloette.  Polly and Chloe live with Franck in France

IC Elian Rags Lindor Lindor lives with Livia in Slovakia

Elian Rags White Knight Knight lives with Diana in Romania This is a picture of him at 8 months

Elian Rags Starlight Mint Mindy is now living with Liv in Slovakia and we hope she will have wonderful babies with naughty Lindor

Elian Rags Cocoa Bean Now 4 years old Cocoa Bean is still timid but is so attached to his Mommy she calls him her little Prince

Elian Rags Spangle lives in Netherlands

Elian Rags Bulgari.  Bulgari squeezed into a shelf in his new home

Elian Rags McVitie in new home in Poland

Elian Rags Sassafrass Sassi in her new home with Victoria

Elian Rags Whittaker Whittaker lives with Romana in Iasi

Elian Rags Russel Stover lives with Elian Rags Twizzler and Sorin in Bucharest

Elian Rags Choisette Pearl Coco lives in England with her owners Lily and Malcolm and her 2 other cat friends Minou and Willow

Elian Rags Biscotti with Claudia

Elian Rags Mr Big.   A wonderful picture! Thank you Mihai and Lidia

Elian Rags Mr Big grown up now.

Elian Rags Marshmallow owned by Diane in Bucharest and Diana said "I can't thank you enough for my little baby, she grew up pretty much since i have her and she's doing very well, she's amazingly beautiful and veeeeery loving, she's the sweetest thing on earth and i absolutely love her! I attached a photo of her which i took in the first days after we got her. Thank you so much again!"

Elian Rags Melita lives in Norway with Merethe

Elian Rags Pop Tart and Elian Rags Mojo living with Andreea in Bucharest

Elian Rags Cherry Blossom. Cherry Blossom with her best friend Ivan

Elian Rags Cherry Blossoms first Christmas waiting for Santa living with Roxana in Bucharest

Elian Rags Placintuta loves flowers

Elian Rags Placintuta 

Elian Rags Leah Bar Leah is happily living with Anca in Romania

Elian Rags Cloud Berry 6 months old

Elian Rags Cloud Berry Baby Cloud Berry in her new home with Irina Bucharest

Elian Rags Barilyki Barilyki in his new home with his new friend living with Roxana and Cristian in Bucharest

Elian Rags Moro Bar Moro lives with Dana in Romania

Elian Rags Moro Bar now grown up

Elian Rags Anton Berg now known as Bamboo living in Iasi with Alex

Elian Rags FigNewton Fig Newton lives in Bucharest with Liviu and his family

Elian Rags Action Max lives with Marius in Romania

From left to right, Shrek (house cat), Elian Rags Goober (blue bi-colour Ragdoll 2 years old), Elian Rags Mr. Sugar Daddy (blue bi-colour Ragdoll 2 years old), Elian Rags Chocolate Buttons (seal mitted Ragdoll 8 years old), all living happily in Romania with Leonard and Mihaela........

Elian Rags Maple Dip Maple happily living in Bucharest with Mihaela

Elian Rags Zuzu now living in Czech with Martina

Elian Rags Placintuta grown up living with Florin and Ioana

Moro Bar all grown up with Dana